Industrial design

Sketching, prototyping, additive technologies, creation of 3D models, mechanical and performance analysis, reliability and structure analysis

Hybrids production

Microstrip boards, discrete passive components, metal-coated photomasks, hybrids, electronic semiconductor assembly units, crystal-based transistors

Mechanical processing

Processing of Al and Al-based alloys, stainless steel, Mg, Ti, non-metallic materials (milling and turning, welding and soldering, sheet metal processing); manufacturing of thermosetting, thermoplastic, and rubber products; Al die casting

PCB production

Single-sided, double-sided, multilayer PCBs; boards with blind and hidden holes; flex-rigid PCBs; HF and microwave boards; PCBs with metal-coated holes; Al-based and metal-enclosed PCBs; printed transformers

Assembly and integration

EEE parts shaping; manual mounting of components; electrical installation; potting with compounds; moisture protection; assembly of electronic units in various designs; sealing and leakproofness testing; micro-welding; micro-soldering; electronbeam welding; PPX coating; photo and video recording of quality


High-precision mounting of electronic components with all types of packages (including BGA, CGA, LGA,CCGA, QFN); convection reflow soldering; selective soldering; ultrasonic rinsing; 100% automatic optical inspection; X-ray quality control

Cables, winding parts and electronic components production

Varnish impregnation in vacuum; coating and potting with compounds; soldering of connectors; laser marking, engraving, wrapping with self-laminating labels

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